About us

Our passion is to help owners enhance their business’s performance by providing them with a range of advisory services covering three key areas: strategy development; leadership enhancement; and business analysis.

Our key team members are all Chartered Accountants whom specialise in different areas and have a range of experience. We also involve other specialists in our workshops to provide the best possible experience to our clients.

Our services

We provide a range of services that focus on three key areas of business: strategy; leadership; and business analysis.

Although they are quite different areas, they are all connected and a business cannot sustain long-term performance without excelling in each area. The aim is to build business value, which is achieved through great performance and great performance requires clear strategy development, strong execution through effective leadership, and constant monitoring via business analysis.


Strategy development

We help you develop strategies that align with your business's purpose; because without a clear sense of direction it is difficult to: plan for the future; gain commitment from employees; measure success; and assess risks.

It’s important to have clear KPI’s that directly correlate with the business's current strategies to align the focus of the business. This in addition to good clear processes will ensure consistency and clarity for your staff, which will have a significant impact to the financial performance of your business.


Programs & workshops

Our training workshops cover leadership, team building and mindfulness and are designed to increase: self-awareness; communication skills; trust; strategic thinking; and creativity to help us become better leaders, team mates and individuals.

We also provide leadership programs that focus on developing emotional intelligence which is key to becoming an effective leader. We use a multifaceted learning approach to provide the best learning outcomes for our participants.


Business analysis & valuations

We want to help business owners build value and the first step in doing this is to understand how the value of their business has been trending and which areas of the business are driving the changes in value, which our business value analysis reports provide.

What insights are you currently getting from your data? We have years of experience using Tableau and can build you dashboards that will provide you with meaningful insights. Alternatively, we are proficient in excel and can build a wide range of models that are clean, simple and insightful.


Online learning

We believe that the key to success is to keep educating yourself.

Therefore, we have created a learning centre containing online short courses to provide professionals with knowledge, skills and practical tools that will help them save time, effort and money. We also have additional resources like whitepapers containing guides, tips and useful information on a range of topics in addition to a list of all the published articles written by Professor John Watson.


Online Courses

Our learning centre contains online courses focused on key topics designed to enhance the knowledge and understanding of owners and managers across a range of areas such as: strategy, leadership and business analysis.

Featured Courses

How to prepare your business for sale


How to value your business


Additional Resources

Professor John Watson, a world renowned academic, has published numerous articles in leading international journals. John’s research has been cited in over 4,000 publications. We have also written a number of whitepapers.


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